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The Tide Is Turning -- Making ethics and sustainability part of your purchasing decisions.

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Today we live in a world bombarded at every turn by marketing messages, with the fashion industry contributing daily to the saturation of our inboxes, social feeds and the mainstream media - we are constantly led to believe that we simply cannot ‘do’ without the seasons’ particular trend or celebrity endorsed product.

 Feeding the beast of ‘fast fashion’ has led to more low-cost, low-quality garments being produced than ever before, (statistics show an average woman can wear a new garment just 7 times before throwing it away – leading to more than 500,000 tonnes of textiles and leather ending up in landfill each year in Australia alone*).  Add to this the price paid by developing nations where the majority of our clothing is produced; including the poisoning of waterways by textile dyes, child labour, low wages, lack of health and safety and animal cruelty, the price of a quick fashion fix is incredibly high.

Children’s fashion is no exception (and in some cases worse), as kids’ clothes are often considered more ‘throw away’, costing less than adults clothing, worn a few times then binned when either the child has outgrown it or it falls apart due to the garments poor engineering and materials.

At the heart of Lemon Zebra Kids is the hope that, through buying better quality, less often we can reduce our environmental footprint on the planet.  We believe sustainability and ethical production of consumer goods is one of the fundamental issues of our time – that our actions today are having a lasting and damaging impact on the world our children have to make their lives in.

We recently came across a fantastic website Buy Me Once whose motto is ‘Love Things That Last’. The site lists products – clothing, living, toys, footwear that have been vetted for their sustainability, ethical manufacturing, durability and longevity.  Jump on in and have a look - it’s a great site for those looking to prioritise quality over quantity.

 We believe sites like Buy Me Once highlight a shift in the focus of consumers and we recently conducted a survey of our own customers to test the theory.  The results highlighted the rising importance of ethics and sustainability in our customers purchasing decisions. Our statistics show there is a shift from manic consumption and fast-fashion towards incorporating consciousness into our purchases and ‘buying-to-last’.

Our mission is to engage with our customers on ethics and sustainability where we can, to ask the question “how well was this garment made vs how much it costs?” as well as “where was it made and by who, under what conditions?”. We are showing our support for the manufacturers who produce sustainably and ethically to assist in changing purchasing habits from ‘consume and replace’ to ‘keep and pass on’.

You can help turn the tide with us.





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Roy Morgan